About HopBot

HopBot is a Europe centric beer blog focusing on the stories and people behid the brew.

About the Author

Istvan Lechner - Author

The blog started as a personal beer journal back in 2012 when I was living in Cardiff, Wales. This was the vessel for me to document my exposure to British ales and the admiration of the growing craft beer industry of the UK.

I have spent most of my professional life working in the consumer electronics industry in various sales and marketingroles. Still at the end of the day I kicked back and ejoyed a pint.

After several detours I found myself back in Budapest, Hungary where a lot of interesting things are happening in the craft beer world. Sadly not much of it is covered in the global beer blogshpere and this also applies to neighbouring countries.

Mission Statement

The goal of the blog is to spread the culture surrounding beer and let the reader see what’s boiling in the kettle of the industry. Ultimately beer is about people. People that take risks creating new beers in the hope that punters will enjoy every last drop of these brews. Some other people serve it, move it or write about it. I aim to bring their stories to you.

This blog is focusing  on a niche that’s less reported. European breweries, beer festivals and what’s happening on the business side.

The old continent is a very exciting blend of centuries old brewing traditions and innovative beer culture.

I aim to raise the visibility of the beer ventures that started in Europe by publishing thoughful, curated stories supported by quality photography.